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29 December 2011   

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to this T-Shirt Webshop.

Foodtshirt.com should become the web's most prominent T-shirt shop for iconic food designs. I chose the designs for their clarity and because they are delicious looking. I like the concept of associating people with food by putting food-designs on clothes. I believe that wearing the T-shirts will make you look good and of course, make other people feel hungry.

I have the ideal designs for you, whether:

  • you have a favourite food for every day of the week (and you want to show it),
  • you manage a restaurant and want to promote your specials on the chests of your waiters, or
  • you simply like looking delicious.

On the homepage you find thumbnails of the designs that are currently available, click them in order to proceed to the shop and look at the products in more detail.

foodTshirt also provides graphic design services to suit your needs. To request a design, to add a logo, for a custom or bulk order, please use the form on the contact page and we will reply promptly.

Have a nice day!

Frank Eckelmans

  Photo of Lobster T-shirt Photo of Cupcake T-shirt Photo of Pickles T-shirt Photo of Hungry cat staring at fish T-shirt Photo of sushi T-shirt Photo of teabag T-shirt

* These pictures show products from the European webshop. As a proof of quality I added pictures of the cupcake and the Sushi, t-shirts that have been worn gladly and washed several times over a period of a few months.

Our products are fashioned by Spreadshirt, the platform for personalised t-shirt printing.